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In the 11 years Ha Ha Comedy has produced shows at the Glasgow Comedy Festival we have given you performances from Alan Carr, John Bishop, Ross Noble, Ed Byrne & The Big Yin. 2013's line up will be equally exciting.


Eddie Cassidy : Scotland's Comedy Champion


Eddie Cassidy was in the same class at school as two multi award winning Scottish comedians - Des Clarke & Scott Agnew. Not to be out done, Eddie himself has just won a very prestigious award for being funny. He’s also just been told that he’s about to become a new dad. Life’s just getting interesting.

“a genuinely impressive turn... a clear winner came in the shape of Eddie Cassidy” (The Scotsman)

“It could be lucky number seven for the Scottish Comedian Of The Year. In its seventh winner, Eddie Cassidy, the contest has unearthed a strong prospect for the future. He has a quirky point of view, original and efficient gags, and an authentic voice, which combine in a routine that always has you interested, and often has you laughing.” (Chortle).


Best of Scottish Comedian of the Year

‘Four Stars ****’ - The Scotsman. The Underbelly’s biggest selling showcase of critically acclaimed, award winning Scottish comedy talent at the Edinburgh Fringe. Ha Ha Comedy’s Alan Anderson ‘Hilarious’ (Chortle.co.uk) introduces previous SCOTY finalists and SCOTY winners including Mark Nelson, Scott Agnew, John Gavin, Ro Campbell, Jamie Dalgleish and Eddie Cassidy.

Rarely can a non-sponsored event have featured quite so many mentions of Gregg’s the bakers. ****(Scotsman)

‘SCOTY does attract some major talent’ (Skinny)

‘No-one can deny the sense of excitement and occasion that this annual event now generates.’ (Scotsman)

‘the Scottish Comedian of the Year final looms ever more influentially in the stand-up calendar’ (The List)


Ha Ha Comedy Late n Loud

Nine Sell Out Years. Throughout the years Ha Ha Comedy Late shows have seen Ross Noble strip a heckler, Brendon Burns strip himself, Jim Jeffries buy the entire audience a drink and Alan Carr & Patrick Monahan almost drown in a canoe. Top comedians, celebrity guests and a late night bar. Alan Anderson  introduces Glasgow’s most unpredictable late night show, anything can happen and probably will. Often the comedians are as drunk as the audiences by this point so it’s no-holds barred humour that can lead anywhere – but always results in top notch hilarity. So make sure you’re at Late'n'Loud every Friday and Saturday during the festival for a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Susie McCabe : An Uncivil Partnership

Runner up in SCOTY 2012, Coatbridge’s Susie McCabe is about to get civil partnered. This show about her impending nuptuals has no underlying political message, nor is it her intention to get you emotional and make you cry. Its only premise is simple, she will make you laugh.

“Susie McCabe won over her crowd with a nice line in self depreciation” (The Scotsman)

“irradiated an uncompromising no-bullshit attitude, playing very well with the Glasgow crowd... (she has) a nicely dismissive approach to all the rigmarole her forthcoming civil partnership will involve, undercutting the audience’s support of the nuptuals, and elsewhere she was similarly contemptuous of pretty much anything that involves any effort on her part. More of this to match her strong persona... could make her a force to be reckoned with.” (Chortle)

“the deadpan, self-deprecating, but wonderfully witty Susie McCabe” (Festival Journal)


Whisky Comedian Podcast Live

Over the past 2 years at comedy festivals across the globe Alan Anderson’s Whisky Comedian Podcast has been educating the palate of the world’s most famous comedians, including Al Murray, Tom Green, Ed Byrne, Phill Jupitus, Tommy Tiernan and Rich Hall. In his Glasgow hometown Alan will be joined by some of the Scotch whisky industry’s most cherished distillers and blenders for an hour long chat show and tasting alongside some of the comedy festival’s top comedians. Drams for all at the end of the recording.

“one of the most popular comedians at the festival” (Galway Independent)

“Special thanks must go to Whiskey Comedian Alan Anderson... Any time you felt yourself flagging and whenever you didn’t, he turned up with a rare single cask blend of heather-soaked barrell aged Glenlivermorangie” (Hot Press review of Altitude Comedy Festival).

Merchant CIty Pub Crawl


A festival institution which always sells out fast! Get yer walkin’ boots on and join the mob as we navigate you through four bars. A surprise top-class comedian in each venue, Make friends, have fun. Previous Comedy Pub Crawl acts include Kevin Bridges, Des Clarke, Des McLean, Raymond Mearns, Janey Godley, The Boy With Tape On His Face, Alan Carr, Patrick Monahan, Terry Alderton, Raymond Mearns, Limmy, Mark Nelson, Scott Agnew, Jim Jefferies & Andrew Maxwell.       

“A festival institution” Evening Times


Alan Anderson’s Gallus Glasgow Comedy Walk

It's not a ghost walk, it's not a history walk, it's 70 minutes of patter, banter, craic and magic about Glasgow from comedian and architectural historian Alan Anderson. Mind & wrap up warm.

Alan Anderson, Architectural Historian and Comedian – takes you on a magical, musical, mystery jaunt round Glasgow: her buildings, inventors, murders, jokers, and murkier past.

It's not a ghost walk, it's not a history walk, it's 70 minutes of patter, banter, craic and magic about Glasgow from comedian and architectural historian Alan Anderson. You’ll laugh yourself silly when you join the celebrated stroll which takes an irreverent look at Glasgow’s Merchant City. You'll experience unforgettable mysteries, thrills, and surprises that stretch the traditional image of the city.

“Anderson educates his audience as well as keeping them rolling with laughter…. a warm and hilarious get-together.” (Chortle)

"A very funny and genuinely informative show... a riot" (Three Weeks)


Alan Anderson’s Scotland’s Greatest Inventions

The Scots invented or discovered almost everything the modern world relies on... televison, telephone, steam engine, macadamisation, electromagnetics, ultrasound, penicillin, anesthetic, radar, insullin, the bicycle, screw propellor, economic science, the deep fried mars bar and of course golf.

What makes us such a great nation of inventors? What do we wish we had invented? and most intriguingly what do we take credit for inventing when we actually didn’t?

"Cleverly worded, creative, fun, light hearted way to learn" (The Scotsman)

"Anderson educates his audience... keeping them rolling with laughter... a warm and hilarious get together" (Chortle)

"A very funny and genuinely informative show." (Three Weeks)


Alan Anderson’s Whisky for Dafties

Six malt whiskies to be tasted, many laughs to be had. Alan Anderson has performed his unique whisky tasting comedy show across the globe to sell out audiences.  You get to sample some fine malty, peaty beverages whilst Alan fills you in on the history, methodology and lore of this great drink. It’s a hilarious hour of educational drinking. Wine tasting is fir poofters. This is the real (15 year old single malt cask aged) Mcoy.

“one of the most popular acts at the Festival.” (Galway Independent)

'Mercifully, Anderson isn’t just some Scotsman who wants to get drunk with you, he’s a passionate whisky enthusiast who absolutely needs his audience to learn about the magical amber liquid.**** '(Adelaide Advertiser).

‘A very funny and genuinely informative show **** ’(ThreeWeeks).

'Inventive, fun, light hearted way to learn about whisky' (Scotsman).

'Warm and hilarious' (Chortle.co.uk).






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